As a seasoned management consultant, Tony Freeman has spent much of his life working within the property industry. With over fifteen years of experience he has worked through many of the ups and downs of the booms and busts and is perfectly placed to advise in a multitude of areas. Working within the UK property industries means he knows the intricacies of the laws in all areas and is able to assist in many areas of buying, selling and investing in residential areas or those wishing to build up any sort of property portfolio.

The property industry has run through many cycles and there is a wide variety of options one can use to divest assets. Many organisation can vastly reduce the time spent in selling property and many companies now offer these services at a variety of levels. Tony Freeman is able to advise and assist potential vendors and buyers on the best option for them depending on circumstance – from location to investment area and type. He has dealt with unwanted assets through relationship breakdown, inherited properties, overseas sellers and emigrating families. Everybody’s situation is different and all circumstances can be accommodated.

He is also able to advise organisations on marketing properties. He is an expert on lead generation, digital marketing, conversion of leads and the execution of the home buying or remarketing process. He has trained countless staff within call centres or face to face negotiation to sell services effectively to potential sellers and close deals. He understands the needs faced by modern businesses to compete in this competitive market. Having generated leads through online and offline advertising he understands the digital and traditional means that can be used to market to potential sellers.

He is able to assist in creating Paid Search and Social Media campaigns that generate engagement and trust. A thorough understanding of Search Engine platforms means spend is always closely tied to Return on Investment. Tony is also able to negotiate offline advertising within printed media. His knowledge of bulk buying across related titles can save organisations thousands of pounds.

Within property investment Tony Freeman can advise and assist entrepreneurs who are hoping to make lucrative decisions when buying to let. He has assisted private individuals and organisations build portfolios of properties across the UK that generate substantial yields on an annual basis. From small terrace houses to large multi-disciplined developments he is able to quickly analyse the pitfalls or profits in any proposal. His knowledge of key trends in major cities can be applied to new areas to get buyers onto the ladder before boom periods and is able to advise on when to divest product when times are leaner.

Within the larger commercial field Tony Freeman has worked with organisations on many large city developments. He is able to assist with land acquisition, comparative reports, pricing structures, rental yield as well as build costs. His attention to detail from the largest to the smallest points ensure schemes arrive on time and, most importantly, within budget. With experience of residential and student properties his knowledge in both areas can be vital to organisations looking to be a part of this lucrative market.

His knowledge of the UK market has attracted international investors to look at UK cities as a source of income. Working with overseas buyers he is able to assist with the UK practices that ensure smooth transactions and acts as a point of contact on the ground to get things moving.

It is easy to see why, with such varied experience within the property industry, that Tony Freeman is able to act as a consultant in such a wide number of areas.

Tony Freeman
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