Concerns of fire safety raised for high-rise dwellings following the recent Grenfell Tower disaster

20th June 2017

Following the devastating tragedy at Grenfell Tower, where a fire ripped through a 24-storey block of flats in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea killing at least 79 people, people are urged to review their fire safety procedures.

Councils, private landlords and homeowners have watched the horrifying images of the burning tower which seems unreal in this day and age, given the strict health and safety guidelines and building and planning regulations that must be passed.

However, it seems the recent cladding that was added to the exterior may be the reason a seemingly isolated fridge fire in one flat was able to spread so quickly and fiercely, leaving a scene of utter devastation in its path.

It is with these awful images in mind that we must all take responsibility and question if a fire should break out in our homes would we know what to do?

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Assistant County Fire Officer and Director of Prevention and Protection, Geoff Harris, said: “Fire safety advice from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service remains that if you have a fire or become aware of a fire in your home, which includes blocks of flats, you should get out, stay out and call us out.

“If you live in a block of flats where your landlord has advised you to ‘stay put’ in the event of a fire, this is their advice which they should have based on an individual fire risk assessment for that building.

“As a fire and rescue service, we don’t go into premises to validate risk assessments but as part of a rolling inspection program we will visit to assess the fire safety measures applied in that premises and review them. Where we find that risk assessment is unsuitable we will take enforcement action.

“If any resident feels concerned about fire safety in their building or fire safety advice given they should contact us. We are committed to working with housing providers to support them in achieving the safest possible fire safety solutions in their buildings.”

Tony Freeman
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