Does Size Matter?

9th February 2017

Property consultant, Tony Freeman, investigates whether the square footage of your home really matters when it comes to selling…


Does size really matter when it comes to property? Does the square footage make such a difference when it comes to viewing a property and for the buyer to consider making a purchase?


When many of us start to search for our dream home we think about what we’ve always wanted – a big house, with a nice kitchen and living space, plenty of bedrooms and a large outside area for children to play.


The reality is that aside from budget, there are so many other factors to take into consideration when buying a house.


Location has often been cited as the most important factor to consider when looking at a potential house purchase but one persons preferred location will differ from next, dependent on their needs.


Number of bedrooms is certainly a factor to consider for a growing family but if there is space to extend into this may be a better option to consider than paying a premium for an extra bedroom already available.


For young families in particular, being close to good schools and easily accessed amenities, is high on the list. Even though a bigger house may be a sought after purchase, the reality may be to compromise on the overall size of the house for the chance of a better education for their children.


A private garden or communal outside area may be high on the list, especially if you are looking at an apartment and would like some outdoor space but remember this will come at a premium, especially in built up areas.


Crime rates are important too. The house may look perfect, be the perfect size and have the most beautiful garden with off-road parking – but at what cost? If it means living in fear of being burgled then is it really worth buying a big house if you can’t enjoy it?


If you’re a professional, then being able to easily commute to your place of work is essential, and having good transport links will rank high on the list.


If you are living in the city with young children then outdoor space including local community play parks and green space will be important. Ensuring your children have plenty of opportunity to get outside, be active and get fresh air whilst playing.


The local environment is certainly a major factor to consider when making a purchase, checking whether the area has been flooded before or has a history of subsidence. These should crop up in any survey so unless obvious, or the property is in an area known to the buyer, often a buyer won’t be aware of the issues until the survey has taken place.


So it seems that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to buying a property or considering your future home. There are many other factors that will affect the purchase of your home and so don’t get distracted when looking at property details and focusing on square footage.

Tony Freeman
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