French President Elect Macron is great news for French property market but is it great news for Britons with second homes in France?

9th May 2017

Tony Freeman, independent property consultant, looks at how France’s President elect winner Emmanuel Macron could impact on the French property market, especially or British investors and those who currently own second homes in France.

Winning by a major victory, and with two thirds of voters choosing the leader of ‘En Marche’, a movement only formed less than a year ago, Emmanuel Macron has the backing of the French people, and a lot to prove.

Aged only 39, he is the youngest ever French President, but with his character and sheer determination, he looks like he knows how he is going to lead France and regain prosperity.

Macron’s victory over his anti-euro challenger, who wanted France to leave the EU alongside Britain, was a resounding positive win. It was evident given recent electoral shocks including the Brexit vote. Macron has won the election with a two thirds majority, much to the delight of many of the French.

His policies are aimed at helping to get France’s economy back on track. However, Britons with second homes in France may be worried about the impact of the increase of tax on their homes or additional costs added to their annual tax.

Tony Freeman understands that with new policies and tax changes certain, it is likely investors will sit tight until the new parliament becomes clear.

British demand for property in France is likely to slow down over the coming years due to Brexit, but demand from other international buyers is likely to fill that void.

Tony Freeman
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