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Commercial property in Edinburgh

24th August 2016

Unsurprisingly the post-Brexit commercial property market has felt somewhat uncertain, many corporate investors have held off making deals in order to wait for the market to balance and clarity to

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What do improved rail links mean for property prices?

12th August 2016

The gap between property values in the north and south has been slowly increasing over the years, yet this could all be about to change. The High Speed 2 railway

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How has the decision to leave the EU impacted the London property market?

25th July 2016

It is well known that the property market suffers from a ‘summer slump’ every year. However, this year it has been hugely exaggerated following the Brexit vote. Over the past

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Surge in by-to-let ahead of surcharge

25th April 2016

There has been a considerable uptick in the investment into buy to let property in the run up to the new surcharge rules. Recent figures demonstrate a 35% surge in

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Bridge locations are hot property in London

20th April 2016

The newest trend emerging in the London residential market is the demand for not only riverside views but also bridges. As a central part of London’s history, these bridges, some

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About Tony Freeman

As a seasoned management consultant, Tony Freeman has spent much of his life working within the property industry.

With over fifteen years of experience he has worked through many of the ups and downs of the booms and busts and is perfectly placed to advise in a multitude of areas.

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Tony Freeman
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